Talent vs cost

As shown by the Glassdoor’s report revealing the 25 Highest Paying Companies in America for 2016, 20 of them are technology companies.

Every day is more and more clear that keeping talent is a key factor for software companies in the road to success. But, while salary is a top consideration to accept a job, it is not a top reason for employees to stay long-term in a job. Trust in leadership, career development and work environment are instead the main reasons that tied to employee satisfaction. Commitment and top performance are consequences of satisfaction and a long-term relation.

In the other hand, to keep strict cost control is crucial for company’s financial health, providing a competitive advantage as well.

In BranchCreation we provide a solution that juggles an in-house optimal job-experience and cost control, getting the highest quality development standards together with low labour cost.

As Silicon Valley chills, Europe’s tech gets hotter

We are accustomed to hearing that European tech is perpetually in Silicon Valley’s shadow. Now there have been suggestions that the local techs cene is starting to feel Silicon Valley’s valuation woes.

If true, this should raise alarm bells, because if European technology startups struggle to raise money from wary investors, it could hit the brakes on Europe’s budding digital economy just as the EU begins ramping up its tech industry, preparing for a digital single market.